This installation is the product of a Burst Week. An intra-departmental week within the department of Interactive Media Design where students of all years collaborate to produce a piece in a short and intense burst.
Burst Week
Collaborative Project

ABX is an interactive installation asking the question: how do we get to know ourselves?

Modern technology has made it possible for us to constantly be gazing at our own reflections. No longer does the television decide for us what’s on the program. Today it is ourselves, in close relationship with self learning algorithms, who are the curators of our mind-stream. These constantly operating feedback loops serve as a perfect diode: you and your device. Searching information perfectly in line with what we already believe, echoing back our own thoughts.

By creating a self reflective echo chamber in which the visitors are overstimulated by their own reflections we challenge the audience to question this relationship. In a closed space they have different aspects reflected back to themselves in three different formats: visually, auditory and verbally. A webcam and two beamers create an infinity mirror which echoes back their image through space and time. A three dimensional array of speakers reverberate their voices throughout the room and back. And the words they speak are relayed on a screen which also functions as a black mirror.

In this project I contributed to the concept development and by designing the voice recognition interface based on the Google Web Speech API. This powerful Speech to Text converter reflects back the words of the visitors on a flatscreen tv, helping the audience contemplate their own words.

Marlot Meyer, Lukasz Gula, Sarah Hoogman, Ziko AssinkCarmen Roca Igual

Macbook Pro, Wifi Camera, Projectors, Passive Speakers, Laser Cutter

HTML, CSS, Brackets, Ableton, VNC Viewer, Adobe Illustrator 

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