“There is indeed the inexpressible, this shows itself; it is what is mystical.”
— Ludwig Wittgenstein
Interactive Light Tunnel

This installation projects our inmost state to the outmost world.

In the past century science has shown us that the nature of reality points towards a continuous flow of energy moving throughout the universe. It argues that all matter is in a constant flux and that we may only arbitrarily define where one thing ends and another begins. Long before this scientific revelation though; the very first discovery of this lively phenomenon came to our senses through another way of knowing.

Meditators around the world realized the same fact of cosmic instability, not by looking without, but by looking within. Aided by deep concentration and stillness of mind they learned that, although invisible, this life force, it’s vibration, it’s subtle hum, flows through us all. 

Aura attempts to make the invisible visible by revealing our relationship to this movement of energy, and its relationship to our environment, aiming to subtly blurr the boundaries between the inside and outside world.

Our state of flux.

This work is a development of an earlier work named Aura 0.5.

Video documentation. 

Pine Wood, Steel Brackets, Power Supplies, ESP32’s, IR Movement Sensors

The frame of the tunnel consists of 90% recycled wood.

Arduino IDE

©2024 Jeroen Alexander Meijer