Bendo’s World
Tragedy Of Omnipotence

This is the story of Bendo. An omnipotent being depicted by a godhead. Bendo is all seeing and all powerful. His powers enable him to do everything, but he wallows in the sorrows of nothingness. Tragically weeping he observes the reality of those humans who dance below him. “How do they attain happiness in their material existence?” he asks himself, when a feeling of jealousy washes over him.
Perhaps to be challenged, to experience hardships, to suffer is that which truly satisfies. “Those humans do not know how fortunate they are.”

“Imagine a game, a game that whatever the circumstances you would always win, would you keep playing that game?” 
— Alan Watts

Unity, Cinema4D, Zbrush, Substance Painter

©2023 Jeroen Alexander Meijer