Humor As A Strategy For Design

Lamp is a play on expectations. It’s a questioning of the unsurprising predictability of furniture, which never confounds us, slavely residing wherever we put it.

What if your furniture would astound, astonish, even startle you? What if your chair cries? What if your sofa snores?

This Lamp is a lamp of its own. It's a humorous lamp, a well-humored lamp and a light that laughs with you, at you or amongst you, depending on the interpretation you decide.

In this project I work with a variety of materials; using concrete, metal, steel, fabrics, light and sound, tied together by a microcontroller and a movement sensor to surprise passerbys and make people laugh. 

Concrete, Steel, Fabric, Arduino UNO, MP3 Player, Servo Motor, Relay Module, Passive Speakers

Arduino IDE
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