“Nazar, a word derived from Arabic, meaning sight, surveillance or attention.” 
Interactive Textile
Brainwave Visualising Garment

Nazar is a research into the combination of brainwave technology and interactive textiles.

By way of curiosity and experimentation I began to structuraly analyze brainwave patterns emerging during meditation practice using a Muse Headband sensor. From the data I collected it was clear that the practice has a noticable influence on the changes measured in my brainwave frequencies, of which it was particularly strengthening the Alpha range (8- 12 Hz) related to a state of wakeful rest and concentration. I used this data as the inspiration to create an interactive garment that makes this normally invisible dynamic perceivable to the eye.

The aesthetic of the meditation cloak is strongly influenced by the attire of monks and wizards within historic and contemporary storytelling, clearly referencing the magical and super-natural aspects of ancient spiritualism.

The light, which moves up and down the spine is based upon my own experience during a 10-day meditation course, where spontaneaously a clear current of energy can be felt moving from the base of the spine, up through the spinal cord and out the top of the head. This movement of energy is further emphasized by a laser light shooting from the fontanel (the area that remains soft with a new-born baby). There is a strong connection here to the theory of Kundalini or Prana, refering to a snake like energy coursing through the body. This ancient phenomenon is placed in a modern context through the use of technology integrated into the ancient garment. 

Felted Wool, NodeMCU ESP8266, SSD1331 OLED Screen, WS2812 LED Strip, Lythium Polymer Battery


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