The Sibilant Light of Attention
Graduation Project

This work has received the generous iii-residency award, awarded by the Instrument Inventors Initiative.

A present dystopia shows us a world of disembodied humans continuously distracted by their digital devices.

Within this multi-sensory installation you will find a dreamlike immersive realm, an interactive experience and a modern temple that aims to help you become aware of the mystery and movement of your attention.

as a way to guide human energy through space and time,
is the most fundamental tool a human being wields.

just as we can’t hear our ears,
taste our tongue or smell our nose,
it is a challenging paradox to attend to our own awareness.

OUROBOROS functions as a contemporary ritual shining a light on our subtle and elusive movement of mind.

Throughout the 360 degree spatial composition of internal and external stimuli... can you keep an awareness of precisssely where your attention isss?

“The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail.”
LED Giraffes, Laser, 8-Speaker Surround Setup, Centered Subwoofer, Vibrating Seat 

TouchDesigner, Ableton
©2023 Jeroen Alexander Meijer