Play of Shadows
Homo Ludens
Public Playground

“For many years the conviction has grown upon me that civilization arises and unfolds in and as play.”
— Johan Huizinga

Welcome to Play of Shadows. An immersive playground built for you to forget; to forget about the life lived outside of the forest, to forget about the future and the past. Built for you to dissolve in the concrete woods and play.

The conventional playground everyone knows is, quite literally, set in stone. Spaces are often limited to how they are presented to us. But Shadow’s Play is malleable.

This architectural playground has been designed with one thing in mind; ownership. The visitors, who are a part of the environment, are enabled to manipulate their surroundings. They can play with multiple controllable elements, like rotating the seemingly heavy but surprisingly light walls to change the play of shadows or make themselves light up by pushing on and off the large round interactive light buttons.

A game of hide and seek? An improvised artwork? A change in composition? You are the owner of this space. So play!

Wood, Ball Bearings, Metal, High Power LEDs, Arduino

Arduino IDE, Cinema4D

©2023 Jeroen Alexander Meijer